The biggest Prague Open international dance competition is here. Dance Festival is moving to the new hall and offers a startlist loaded with great dance couples.

Forum Karlín hall for the first time

Prague Open is a well-known competition in the WDSF calendar. The event moved from the sport hall in Prague’s Podvinní to the Lucerna Palace in the past. The Lucerna is a famous historical place and surely can be compared to the Empress Ballroom in Blackpool. This time the competition will be held in the modern Forum Karlin for the first time in its history. The multifunctional building was built in 2014 and the Prague Open Dance Festival will be the biggest dance event organized there.

This weekend starts on Friday evening with a special dance show Night of NINE. Nine star couples, all champions of world and/or Europe, will be dancing their shows (read more about it here). The Prague Open starts on Saturday with classical scheme of WDSF’s competition: The audience can watch Youth and Rising Stars categories in standard dances and Juniors and General (Adults) in latin. Sunday’s program turns categories.

Star couples

Konstantin Gorodilov & Dominika Bergmannova, Prague Open 2017

General categories will be the greatest attraction of the PODF, especially the latin part of competiton. First of all there are Armen Tsaturyan & Svetlana Gudyno from Russia on the startlist. They’re four times runners-up of world championship and champions of Europe.

Andrey Gusev & Vera Bondareva are coming to Prague as well. The second couple of Russia ended sixth in last world championship’s final. Guillaume Pascual & Rosa Carne from Spain or Konstantin Gorodilov & Dominika Bergmannova from Estonia will surely have ambitions for medals. And there are more star couples in the startlist: Timur Yusupov & Sofia Kharina from Russia, Paul Moldovan & Cristina Tatar from Romania and domestic champions Marek Bureš & Anastasiia Iermolenko.

The standard category offers Lithuanian runners-up and world championship finalists Vaidotas Lacitis & Veronika Golodneva. Moreover there are world champions of U21 category Madis Abel & Aleksandra Galkina from Estonia and Russian finalists Anton Besedin & Ekaterina Strelkova.

Prague Open Dance Festival together with gala evening Night of NINE gives the opportunity to see the best dance couples in the world on one dancefloor. If you do not want to miss such an event, buy your tickets online here. We strongly recommend to use public transport for getting to Forum Karlin as there’s lack of parking place near the hall. The best moments of PODF, finals of general (adults) category will be danced after midnight of each day.