One of the most successful dance couple of recent years Timur Imametdinov & Nina Bezzubova announced the end of their dance career. The last competition of Timur and Nina was the World Championship Latin in Moscow. Although Timur comes from Russia and Nina from Latvia, they danced together for the Grün Gold Club Bremen as representatives of Germany. They have won countless international competitions, they have become champions of Germany. Moreover they are the double winners of bronze medals of both World and European Championship.

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And this how it went, hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, heart by heart and passion for One… This post can not be done without tears in my eyes. It is difficult to admit, difficult to accept, difficult to confirm and difficult to realize that our path together has reached its final destination. The most beautiful and adventurous routes that I made in my dancing career so far. I could not imagine a better man on my side than @timur_imametdinov. First he was there to surprise me, then he challenged me and after he discovered me. He is the most man out there. I am speechlessly proud of everything we could live and go through together. He showed me trust, respect and ease; he teach me how to be and enjoy to be a woman. He brought people on their feet in front of me, while standing besides me and gently holding my hand… I don’t know what more to wish for. He gave me the best title on this World- “Champion of the hearts”. And with this thought I would love to turn the page. Our fairytale has come to an end. I want to wish My Timur and his wonderful family a beautiful life, full of happiness, love and laughter! Thank you to every single person who was there with us! Thank you to our sponsors and magic makers: @vesahietala @lukkeri69 @sergievskaya_stylist @dancenaturalsofficial @dancecostanningcompany And last but not least our “FAMILY”: @roberto_albanese_ @albaneseuta @jens_steinmann, @ggc_a_team, Aleksandr Litvinenko, German Dance Sport Federation (DTV), all our wonderful teachers and friends, and all those people who we had a chance and honor to share that dance floor! THE END 😢🙏🏻❤️

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They started as a new dance couple in 2015. Both were already very successful and experienced dancers. Nina was the medalist of the World Championship 2013 (couple with Marius Balan), Timur won e.g. the European Championship in 10 dances with Ekaterina Nikolaeva. Also they achieved successes from the very beginning together. Above all, they always got massive attention and support from the audience. Surely it was because of the enormous energy, enthusiasm, great couple communication, connection and the positive aura that surrounded them on the dance floor. For many, Timur and Nina have become the prototype of a dance partnership.

There are some unforgettable moments of huge standing ovation that Timur and Nina had received in the past. E.g. the one at the “home” competition of GOC 2016 or another at the World Championship in Vienna in 2017: The first solo samba of Timur and Nina started with a long-lasting applause, which changed into the jeering and booing of the audience as the adjudicators sent the couple up to fourth place.

Only adjudicators of several competitions know the reasons why Timur and Nina have never won gold medals of the World or European Championship. Both partners say that the greatest reward has always been the winning hearts of the audience:

Was your split up a matter of long-term or short-term decision? Did you ever consider a move to Professional Division?

Nina: For me, personally, it was a long term decision. I have been living and reconsidering this thought for several months. With its ups and downs and I couldn’t find the right answer to this matter. I believe there is also no “right or wrong” answer in this situation. So I had to consider all “pro” and “contra” for both of the outcomes: to continue as it is or to make a step towards a big change. In the end of the day it was my decision to terminate our partnership with Timur. Nevertheless, it was probably one of the most difficult decisions I had to make in my life so far.
Turning PD was not on the list for me. I don’t see myself there yet.

Do you already know your next step in your dance career?

Nina: I do know my next step for the further dance career. I will not stop competitive dancing and will continue in Amateurs WDSF for now.

Timur: I will continue.

The audience loved you at every competition you have participated. Why do you think so? Which special attributes/skills did you bring to the dance floor?

Timur: We always tried to give as much true as possible to our dancing.

Nina: I believe the key of our success in the eyes of the audience was our authenticity and a honesty through basic principles of Latin-American dancing . We always stayed true and loyal to partnering skills, putting man-woman relationship as a priority. It was always very important not to lose the true connection and balance of masculinity and femininity. Therefore, all our routines and musical structure of each single piece of it was always built around our connection: connection to each other and to the music. Where we discovered another different level of emotional connection in the end. And that was a pure pleasure for us as a couple. To enjoy ourselves and see how the audience could do the same. Pure joy for a dancer.

What was your biggest success? And is there anything you’ll be missing about each other?

Timur: Our biggest success was the love of the audience. This is the most important achievement a dancer could ever have. And we made it…

Nina: Our biggest success in the first place is we made this partnership to work. Which was an extremely challenging task to do. Privately and logistically. And again, my pride for this is enormous. Of course you can not leave it unnoticed, that we were the only couple in last few years which brought people/audience on their feet. Not to mention the very first time in GOC 2016. That was breathtaking. For me the success is not measured with ranking placement, nor by the judges opinion. The success is something more personal, your own expectations and measurements towards the best version of yourself. And I truly believe we both succeeded in that. I will definitely miss Timur in many diverse aspects of my life in general, not only as a dance partner. His art of being always calm, relaxed and under enviable control, his care and support towards me as a woman, his incredible talent to deliver everything just at the right moment dancing-wise. Yes… there will be many things that I am going to miss about him…

Breathtaking solo samba at World Championship Latin 2017