For almost a year lasted Matyáš Adamec’s return to the competition dancefloor. He’s not competing under the Czech flag but in the colors of Switzerland. We mapped his long journey from the breakup of a couple with Natalie Otáhalová to a new partner from abroad in a long interview for which is the article divided into three parts:

The first part

About the break up with Natka

Czech dancesport lost one of its most successfuls young couples in the middle of the last season: Matyas Adamec and Natalie Otáhalová, who held 10 Czech champions titles in all age categories from juniors I to “under 21”, broke up. Matyas went abroad to continue his dance career.

When did you decide you would not continue dancing in Czechia?

For the first time in 2016, when we went through the first crisis with Natalie. It was such a week-long pause when I had to start thinking what to do next. And I knew there’s nothing more I need to prove myself in Czechia. I knew dancers who have left Czech Republic, Marek Bureš or Dominika Bergmannová, are far better now and they don’t have a competition among Czech couples. And I knew it makes sense to go abroad.

But you stayed together back then…

We agreed with Natka that we would end up. But we had to keep the information up to annual Evening of Dance in secret because we wanted to announce it in public. During that week we were preparing some farewell dance and I quietly began to search for my possibilities. Then Natalie decided to continue, so I canceled all my plans.

Why have you even been in this crisis?

After some six or seven years, our partnership came to a stereotype. And it obviously did not move anywhere. We have reached what we could, perhaps even more than that. When Natka said she want to go on, I said “OK”, but I wanted a change. That change was not just about the common work in the couple, but mainly about how to train, where to go, with whom to train, how the couple will work etc.

And that did not happen?

I probably did not feel the kind of change I’ve imagined. In the end, the reason why we broke up was a complete horseshit about signing up for the camp, such an imaginary last straw. I said: “Enough!” I talked to Máca (Martin Dvořák) and Nina (Bezzubova), and finally I came to decision: The partnership with Natka had the last chance and that was the summer competition in Stuttgart.

I wanted to be fully prepared for Stuttgart because we did not make a good result there the year before. We won the Czech championship that year, and I do not even know why, because we danced of no use.

Matyáš Adamec – Natálie Otáhalová, Czech Championship 2017 © Anna Cihlářová

What do you mean it was of no use?

I’m convinced we should’t have won the Czech championship back then. Surely not all five dances. It was annoying because I knew I had not prepared myself for that competition well. It seemed to me that there were couples who – in my point of view as a competitor – deserved more. My thoughts was confirmed in foreign competitions, where the other couples had results and we had not. Perhaps if we had not won the domestic championship in January, we would have felt apart with Natalia earlier.

So, you’ve been preparing for Stuttgart for half a year…

The period before Stuttgart sucked. Not like we disliked each other, but I just didn’t want to do anything… I did not want to train, I did not want to do the same thing all the time. I said to myself: “I’m going back to the same hall, with the same coaches, with the same things…” And I knew it is a dead end. Despite this, we were preparing hardly.

Why? We made a great result at Stuttgart without having a proper preparation in 2016. However, I was motivated and everything worked well. But I wanted to get better if it had to help me make a decision about our dance future. We spent a lot of money preparing …

How much?

6 thousand Euros per couple according to what I take as a preparation for Stuttgart – from May 2017. We did not want to dance on another competition before, but we wanted to get ready. So we went through all the camps, lessons and so on.

And then you came to Stuttgart…

And there we hit the worst of the years we were dancing there. I heard different opinions about our performance – someone said it was good, someone it was total bullshit. The next day we danced the Rising Stars category. I went on the floor with the feeling “I really don’t care.” And boom! 39th place (of 217 couples).

That’s pretty ironic, isn’t it?

It depends on person’s approach and I did it wrong. I just wanted to show everything we had practised. The next day in Rising Stars, I simply dropped all the information I bought in the camps and I was dancing my old stuff and it worked. And it hurt me even more. I’ve been trying to change everything, I think I have managed it somehow and changed it, but then it had the wrong result.

But then you danced on another competition in Bohemia together…

Yes, we started at the Czech Dance League in Olomouc and I went there with no care about it at all. I did’t want to fight, I did’t want to prove anything to anyone. I went there with the fact that I would finish third and I did not care. On the contrary, I verified once again that only my name was reason for having great marks in Czechia. I did not dance well, I did not push it and I was the runner-up. And that’s bad, because there were couples who danced hard full-time from the first round, and I just walked on the floor.

My plan was to keep the partnership with Natka to the Youth World Championship. First of all, I wanted to travel to South Korea. And what’s more important a lot of couples went into the older category that year and I thought we had a good chance. But I knew that it was really our last competition in Olomouc, so we finished definitively. I also assumed that there would be no good result in Korea. Natalie called me and we agreed that we would end it right away. We have been looking for new partners since that moment.


Interview continues in the second part ‘About partner search’ here.