For almost a year lasted Matyáš Adamec’s return to the competition dancefloor. He’s not competing under the Czech flag but in the colors of Switzerland. We mapped his long journey from the breakup of a couple with Natalie Otáhalová to a new partner from abroad in a long interview for which is the article divided into three parts:

The third part

About training abroad

Matyáš traveled half the world to find the right partner after his break up with Natalie. He did’t find her in Turkey, neither in Russia nor in America. Finding his present partner was an accident. Matyáš tells us about dancing with Alessia, Italian Switzerland, but also about how he changed in last year, in the third part of our interview:

Finally, you found a partner, Alessia, in Switzerland. How so?

Funny is that it didn’t even start by trying to ask her at all. I have been pre-arranged to dance with the girl from Slovakia by the time of Czech championship 2017. But I felt it was not the right partner for me. I’m lazy a little and I need a partner, who will command me and push me to work. So after the mentioned Czech championship, they wrote me that I should have had a good partner in Germany. Except I would have to wait for a month for her. Timur told me about Alessia in the meantime, that I should try her at least, I had nothing to loose.

So you had another tryout…

We arranged it, the tryout was fine, but I still had to wait for that partner from Germany. But I’ve waited so long I have written her that I was tired of waiting. She did not break up anyway after all. And I flew to Denmark for Alessia and we finally agreed on coupling together.

It was an anabasis.

I was already in that kind of state of mind where everything sucked. I did’t even want to see the dance shoes, I did’t want to see any dancing at all. Even teaching was boring. I doubted if the result – comeback to competition dancing – was worth it. I flew already decided to Denmark I would not be looking for anyone else anymore.

But was it good?

Yeah, it was good. I also talked about it with my buddy, who is dancing modern dances. He told me an interesting thing: “It does not matter what partner you will choose, if it’s world champion or Czech M-class (S-class). You need to get back on the floor with your own dancing. You need to get back into the dance world to increase your perspective and possibilities. You have a break about half a year now, maybe someone knows you in Czechia, but not abroad.”

And I realized it is true. I thought everything would fall into my lap, I waited for someone who will be a world champion with me within a month. I lived in an illusion. I did’t want to admit that I would have to do something for my success. That I would have to sacrifice everything and definitely it would not be perfect in the beginning. I was in such a lethargy before. I was’t annoyed, I just resigned.

So what did you get back? Alessia?

I don’t even know if I’m fully back. I do not know if I’ll ever be, if I want to be. I think I’m getting elsewhere. Every person, every athlete, every artist who’s been doing same things for too long, has some burnout syndrome. I’ve had it for a whole year.

But you came back to the competition floor just with Alessia, so is she finally the one who pushes you to better performance?

In Switzerland

Yeah, she is. And of course, as long as I did’t have it, I did’t know what I am dreaming about. So when I got what I wanted, I thought I would not survive the first 14 days of training together.

She’s Italian, right?

Yeah. She’s very lively and she is aries according to the zodiac. It’s complicated, but I went into the new cooperation with knowing what mistakes I’ve been making in the couple with Natka before. That I stood over my opinions as an idiot and I was not able to accept anything else. So now I did U turn and I’m trying to be patient, passive. I keep my mouth shut and I try to listen to her. I try to hear her out, suppress a nervous reaction. I say to myself: “Be calm, it is useless to argue.” The first 14 days were hard, but I’m getting used to it. I take it as a professional.

So how did you set it up? Where do you train, how often do you see each other?

We train everywhere. We have been training every day for 4-8 hours for a month and a half. We made new routines in Bremen, then in Denmark. We practised in Prague, in Zürich… And so on.

So who is the main coach and who else teaches you?

Martino Zanibellato for dancing, but the main coach is Roberto Albanese. I wanted it because I absolutely trust him. Also we train with Timur and Nina, who have a lot of their own competitions now and we want to increase the intensity of our lessons with them in the future. The benefit of training with them is that we meet each other in competitions.

How dancing looks in Switzerland compared to the Czech Republic? Here is a boom of juniors and youth…

There is nobody. When I look at the national teams, they don’t have a comparable level with the Czech team. Alessia has two passports, Italian and Swiss, but she lives in Zürich. When we train there, we are on our own. That’s why I try to stay in Bremen, Denmark, or at least in Prague. In order to be seen in the training session by some coach who can tell us if we look bad etc.

So you have been preparing for a month and a half, and you went straight to the competition… 

Matyáš Adamec & Alessia Gigli, WDSF World Championship U21 2018, Tbilisi

It was the International Open in Debrecen. And the competition was cool, the first samba was such a classic dance after nine months without competition experience. Suddenly there were couples, adjudicators. But I got into another mindset. I take it differently, in peace, I was not nervous at all. I did not danced four final practices before the competition, I was not over-motivated.

And then you went to Georgia to Tbilisi. How was it?

Very interesting country. However, their organization of the event was disastrous. I changed clothes on the stairs, there were cloakrooms without lights, toilets without toilet paper. Three-hour lag of program. But we danced good.

Seventeenth place in the 21st World Championship. Do you feel that you have improved compared to the past years?

Certainly. I don’t feel like dancing like Nino at all, but overall, I’ve made a change of view about dancing and it has moved me. I changed the image too ….

And when we are at the image: Your big idol was…

…and he still is…

…is Goffredo, but at the same time you started training and working closely with Timur and Nina. And they dance completely different…

Gabriele was a great inspiration and he still is. But when I was younger, I was narrow-minded and I only watched him and no one else. I have not had a lesson with Gabriele for two years and it makes me angry. But for now cooperation with Timur and Nina is more beneficial for several different reasons. Whether they are excellent teachers or they are still in the main category and I have my coaches on the same competitions, which is a huge benefit.

I try to work with the people I want. I do not really care if they dance in Diablo Team, WDC, or they dance breakdance. I had lessons with different coaches from across the dance world. Those people always know what they are talking about, although they do it a little differently. All these lessons gave me something and I took the informations what I liked. Also I’ve never take Gabriele as my coach. I’m grateful for the lessons, he helped me find my partner, but now I do not have time and money to get to him. But I’m definitely going to have some lessons with him in the future. I’m a little disappointed that some people just do not understand it …

And we’re at it…

When I told my coach that I was working with Gabri, his reaction was: “Why?” I just liked it and I want to work with him and I do not care whose rival he was and how he beat someone and why. Why should I limit myself just because someone is disliked or because he’s from another club. I don’t give a damn. I just like it and as long as it gives me something, I will take lessons with him.

So back to Your Change:

I was just trying to change everything. My main inspiration is me now. Or everything and nothing, maybe. I try to sense everything and do it as I feel it. Probably I will never have the best technique, certainly I will never have the best turns. But I realized what are my strong sides and I’m trying to take advantages of it. And this is associated with my image also.

Long hair?

I look like Tarzan, I’m the only one who have bun on the competition. So what? Is it forbidden? If you come to the competition, you’ll see all the partners who have torn shirts, rhinestones everywhere, tricky belts… And I have a simple loose white shirt. For example Zsolt (Cseke Sandor) came to me saying: “I want the same shirt as you have.” Someone who is in the round of 24 at GrandSlam came to me and said that he wanted a shirt from Tomas Vorechovsky. It does not matter if you’re wearing kilograms of rhinestones, but you still need to show how you dance.

So what about your sports goals of a near future? World Championship will be in the Czech Republic, so will it be the peak of the season?

Probably yes. I do not know if we will start there because the Switzerland’s domestic championship is in September. The plan is to make a result to qualify ourself to World Championship. We would like to dance there.

So you have to be in the second place of adults in Switzerland?

The first. If I was the second one, I could give up on it. The world championship is one of my dreams. To dance at the World Championship of adults at home in the Czech Republic in my third year in the youth category… Who will be able to do this? To have such an opportunity, such a coincidence? Of course I won’t deal with the result, just dancing there would be great. If we got there, the goal would probably be not to end in the re-dance. Yes, it would be a success.

Are you preparing through the summer for the championship?

Not at all, there is still Stuttgart. What’s more, a new category will start for me in December, because Alessia will be too old for “Under 21” category. So we have three sport goals this season: Stuttgart, the Swiss championship and the world championship. And then we’ll see.


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