The WDSF World Championship Latin in Moscow at the Megasport Arena starts at Saturday 7th of Semptember at 16:30 CET. The hall is completely sold out, but DancesportTotal offers live broadcasting here. 87 couples will represent 52 countries from all over the world, including some unexpected ones, e.g. Mongolia. A great atmosphere is expected, as several candidates for the final round come from Russia.

Armen Tsaturyan & Svetlana Gudyno, who won their first gold medal at the World Championship in Ostrava last year, will defend the title of World Champions. All couples who participated in the last WC finals will start in Moscow. Unfortunately we can’t say the same about last year’s semifinalists. Jakub Lipowski is facing long-term health problems, Guillaume Pascual and Rosa Carne have ended their career and the Danish couple Umberto Gaudino & Louise Heise are not participating also. So there is a plenty of space for ambitious couples who have been waiting for the semi-finals for a long time. The complete startlist can be found here.

We will know the new World Champions sometime after 22:00 CET. Detailed schedule of today’s competition can be found here.