Everything started with the intention of making good photos from Czech dance competitions. It was a kind of pastime for us, but gradually we became the most watched portal about dancesport in Czechia. And we’ve got many followers in other countries around the world. That’s why it’s time to change.

Who are we?

The project started out as a Taneční svět (Dance World) in 2013. The name famously reflected the essence of what we wanted to bring and publish – information and great photos from the world of a special group of people who are devoted their lives to dancing. The Dance World is a concept in which everything is contained: the specifics of the dance profession, the problems and the issues that only dancers understand. But at the same time we wanted to draw attention of public to the dancesport. That was the original intention, and we think we have succeeded in offering and presenting our work to you. Besides a long-standing facebook page, we also launched a new web site in 2016.

We have renamed

Due to the increasing popularity of the project among foreign subscribers we need to step things up. As an absolute necessity, we saw the possibility of addressing our followers by a comprehensible name. The Taneční svět may be understandable in the Czech Republic or Slovakia, worse in other Slavic countries, but certainly is not understandable in Germany, Italy or Japan. After five years we are renamed: Danceporter is a dance reporter. That kind of reporter who takes photos, writes interesting articles, reviews, analyzes, and interviews.

Brand new, still us

A new identity came along with the new name. We have changed the logo that points to the viewer of the dance reporter’s camera. The Web of 2016 has quickly become outdated, so we have launched a brand new site that is fully bilingual and in addition to Czech you will also find articles in English here.

We will strive to further expand Danceporter and professionalize our services so the project will bring joy not only to us, but also to you, readers and spectators (not only) from the dance world. We believe you will get used to the new name and form and accept it as familiar as we do.