The World DanceSport Federation introduces a new system of the final round at the GrandSlam Finals in Shanghai. The twenty-four best couples of the GrandSlam ranking and two Chinese couples staring at the “wild card” will be able to compete for a completely new experience from the final round.

WDSF has been looking for the attractive format of its competitions for a long time. With the introduction of the “New Judging System” the solo dances has been implemented to the final round. Each couple dance solo the first and last dance of the final. This model was changed up to three solo dances this year, but just for the WDSF GrandSlam series. However, the problem is that the final round takes about 45 – 60 minutes.

Now we await a completely new model called “The Final Showdown”. Six final couples will be drawn into three pairs, which will change in each of the five dances. The audience will always see two couples at the same time on the floor. The three sambas, three cha-chas, etc. will be played in the final round. After each dance/duel, there will be a “kiss & cry” as the couples will see their results immediately after the performance just as in the actual system.

And what are the expectations? A more interesting spectacle, where audience can always compare two couples at once and cheer on their favorite one. The length of the final round will be shortened, containing 15 dances. The actual system of three solo performances and two common dances has 20 dances. All in all we have to wait for the dancers’ reactions until the end of the weekend.