The successful couple Timur Yusupov & Sofia Kharina announced their farewell through social networks. Timur and Sofia, one of the most powerful Russian dance couples, ends after an incredible nine years of joint partnership.

Recently they have achieved the greatest success of their career. They won the bronze medals at the Russian National Championship 2018 in Latin. Also they achieved the tenth place at the GrandSlam finals in Shanghai in December 2018, and confirmed their 10th place in the WDSF World Ranking. They appeared in the World Open finals five times this year. Three of them on the podium (1st place in Bilbao, 2nd in Belgrade and 3rd in Berchem, Belgium).

Timur and Sofia won silver medals at the World Cup in Szombathely, Hungary in 2017. They also took medals out of all five World Open events, including Moscow, Vienna, and Prague that year.

WDSF World Open Vienna 2018

Timur’s first competition with Sofia dates back to 2009. They was 64th at their first domestic championship in Latin in 2010. For interest the competition was won by Alexey Silde & Anna Firstova, runners-up were Zaytsev & Kuzminskaya and Karpov & Tzaptashvili. Timur and Sofia stood on the podium also just eight years later.

Neither of the successful pair is ending a career and both are looking for new partners.

Why did you decide to end a common career?

Sofia: Our couple has gone through a heavy emotional period that has brought us to this discussion and the end to our joint dance career.

What do you consider to be your greatest success?

Sofia: We have gone through a magnificent journey with Timur. We have mastered what seems to be impossible to manage and we have achieved what seems to be impossible to achieve. I appreciate and I am grateful for every ascension and fall that has made us stronger. But the most I appreciate the recognition of fans, coaches, rivals and words of support we have heard throughout our common career, and we hear now.

What are your plans for the future? Will we be seeing you in WDSF competitions?

Sofia:We are both looking for new dance partners. I do not know what Timur is planning. But in the given situation I am not limited by any conditions and I would like to consider the offer to continue my career in any dance federation.

Timur & Sofia in final at GoldstadtPokal 2018, Pforzheim, Germany