At least national domestic competitions started after a long break. They restarted the season sharply with the National Championship Latin in Russia. Probably no European country is represented by such a strong group of dance couples. That is why the local championship is interesting for everyone who is interested in dancesport. You can watch the presentation dance of the finalists in the end of the article.

Couples had a lot more time to prepare than they would have liked, so they worked on new routines and so on. The adult category was clearly dominated by two-time world champions Armen Tsaturyan & Svetlana Gudyno. They did not meet competition again thanks to their advantages, especially the great movement into music and technics. Their most serious challengers Andrey Gusev & Vera Bondareva finished second while they got a few best marks in their best dances (samba, rumba) ahead of the overall winners. Nevertheless, Tsaturyan won even in rumba, dancing a few bars of his routine only basic steps.

The third place belonged to the matadors Anton Aldaev & Natalia Polukhina according to the adjudicators. The fourth place was defended by the ambitious young couple Semen Khrzhanovskiy & Elizaveta Lykhina, who started among the adults for the second time. “A huge thanks goes to our federation for allowing us to dance at such a competition after a six-month break,” Semen told “Today we did not go to the floor to hunt for the results, but to show everyone that we have changed. But the result is absolutely fantastic for us.” The fifth place was taken by the couple Elfimov & Churikova from Khabarovsk and the sixth by Dolgushin & Piatakhina from Moscow, as their first domestic adults finals in their career.

The Russian National Championship Youth was also on the program in addition to the adult competition. German Pugachev & Ariadna Tishova from the ‘Imperia’ club in Moscow became champions as the won in all dances. Silver medals were taken by Yaroslav Kiselev & Sofia Phillipchuk (‘CSKA Moscow’), bronze by Yaroslav Sukmanov & Elizaveta Slavogorodskaya from Novosibirsk.