The most anticipated dance event of the year is here. Eighty eight couples from fifty one countries around the world will be competing for the title of the world champion. Exclusive spectacle is held in the Silesian metropolis right after four years.

Ostrava’s echoes of the past

Langella & Moshenska winning third title in Ostrava 2014

Only two couples have won the world championship in the last six years. There were Italian representatives Aniello Langella & Khrystyna Moshenska, who made their gold hat-trick in Ostrava in 2014, and of course the Moldovan couple Gabrielle Goffredo & Anna Matus, who won two of their three titles in Vienna. Last year the audience witnessed an emotional spectacle. After the appointment of the new world champions and the winners’ dance, Gabrielle made her a proposal. Of course Anna said „Si!“

While Nino Langella has gone to the professional category of the WDC organization, Gabi & Anna continue to dance in WDSF, also among professionals. Only Khrystyna Moshenska will be re-introducing herself on upcoming world championship in Ostrava. She is dancing with Marius-Andrei Balan for Germany this time. Khrystyna, who won her last title in Ostrava, is together with Marius a major candidate for the unoccupied throne of the world champions. However, they have almost unmanageable obstacle in their path to the world champions title.

Goffredo & Matus, World Championship 2017, Vienna © Dance-mag 2017

The Russians Armen Tsaturyan & Svetlana Gudyno made their debut at the world championship in Ostrava 2014. They went straight for the silver medal, which has been won mainly thanks to their flawless demonstration of the dance technique. But in the following three championships the situation was repeated. So it’s the high time for Armen & Svetlana to add the gold medal to their collection now. They have won all the 18 competitions they have been participating this year. They have defeated Marius & Khrystyna on three GrandSlam competitons. The gap between these two couples was about 3.5 points in June and July. This makes Armen & Svetlana the most serious candidates for the world champions title.

Fight for the semifinals

Tsaturyan & Gudyno, Prague Open 2018

After Gabi & Anna took a step to the professional division, the Hungarians Andrea Silvestri & Martina Varadi took the free place in a final. And because the final of world championship is predictable, it will be much more interesting to watch the fight in the semifinals. The best placement among the 7th – 12th position will be a goal for several ambitious couples. The audience can keep fingers crossed for the renowned semifinalists Edgar Marcose Borjas & Alina Nowak from Poland or Umberto Gaudino & Louise Heise from Denmark. But also they can look forward to a balanced duel between Estonians Konstantin Gorodilov & Dominika Bergmanova and Guillaume Pascual & Rosa Carne from Spain. Their direct duel at the GOC Stuttgart ended up with a 0.001 point difference for Konstantin & Dominika as a winners. What kind of story will the world championship 2018 offer?

Czech Dance Open

While Saturday belongs only to the world championship, on Sunday the Czech Dance Open continues with other WDSF competitions, including two International Open categories of adults in standard (40 entered couples) and latin (87 couples). Of course there are also competitions of youth, juniors I and juniors II.

The 19th Czech Dance Open is held in Ostravar Arena (former ČEZ Arena) again. It’s a large sports hall in the city district of Vítkovice. Participating dancers appreciate enough space around the floor, behind the scenes and in the dressing rooms. But the local conditions have one specific: The ice hockey is played in the Ostravar Arena, so the dance floor lays on the ice. The top priority (and not only for the dancers, but also for audience) is to keep their feet warm.

Transport to Ostrava

Ostrava is a city with a long history burdened by an indelible trail of heavy industry. The coal is extracted and steel is processed in the region. Nowadays the city offers interesting entertainment in the form of cultural and sport events among dilapidated mining towers and factory halls.

For visitors to the world championship and Czech Dance Open 2018, we recommend a train transfer from Prague or Katowice (Poland) international airport. The organizer offers a free bus service from the Katowice airport. The train connection from the capital of Czechia is reliable, ensured by three carriers (Czech Railways, RegioJet and LeoExpress), who try to offer the best services among their competition. Ostrava also has an international airport, but the flights to Ostrava are much more expensive than flights to Katowice or Prague.

World Championship tickets are available online here.